Almond and apricot clafoutis with lemon verbena crème fraiche ice cream

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Sat, 24 May 2014 12:54:12 +0000
The story begins with a big thank you to all for the wonderful birthday wishes. You are all my constant inspiration and I cannot thank you enough for it!<br /><br />My way of saying thank you is with something sweet, warm and melting straight out of the oven, topped with a dollop of creamiest of ice creams. It goes without saying I’m a dessert girl and between the holidays in Spain and dinner parties back at home, we’ve been indulging in a fair amount of them here recently.<br /><br />Then again with weather so generous and markets full of seasonal gifts, what else is there to be done?<br /><br />Perhaps the only other option is to just sit in the shade, sip something heavenly cold forgetting the world around, which is something else I’ve been doing too much lately.<br /><br />No matter how much time I spend along the Mediterranean shores, heat doesn’t always agree with me or the efficient me to be exact. As soon as the temperatures go up the fainéant in me awakes and everything around slows down. I’m even certain from side I look like moving in slow motion, after lunch dreaming of a long siesta and going around in a hazy mood all the time.<br /><br />If I were to live somewhere with eternal heat and sunshine I don’t think I’d be able to do much at all. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are in no danger here for that, skies will be changing colour next week and there seems to be plenty of rain in sight.<br /><br />But while sun is still upon us a few more word about the humble bake I’m sharing today. Apricots are all but falling out of the ears these days and while the tartness of them raw is pleasant, these are the only fruits revealing their full potential once touched by a little heat.  Even roasting with a touch of vanilla will transform a delicious fruit into something truly magical and if there is ice cream within reach, well, life is good.<br /><br />I’ve spiked the ordinary clafoutis with some sweet wine/liquor. To be frank, I’m not exactly certain what I’ve used as it was home made and came to us via friends from France, but it was sweet and packed a punch. I’m pretty sure a glass too much of this golden liquid would have the ability to make an evening very short but in controlled doses it is delicious and if you don’t have any questionable liquor at hand Sauternes, Muscat and any other similar concoctions will work great too.<br /><br />To go with clafoutis I’ve made the creamiest crème fraiche ice cream, liberally infused with lemon verbena. I find the marriage of lemon verbena and creamy desserts invigorating, it’s so delicately fresh that it cuts through the richness of cream and compliments apricots beautifully. If you’ve never tried this wondrous plant before I strongly encourage you to do so, it makes for a great tea too!<br /><br />Have a wonderful and sunny weekend!<br /><br />The post Almond and apricot clafoutis with lemon verbena crème fraiche ice cream appeared first on Gourmantine.
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