Banana Bread

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Mon, 31 Aug 2015 09:02:33 +0000
At 32-years-old, I’m finally starting to feel like I have some “go-to” recipes nailed down for my favorite foods.<br /><br />Perfectly-baked chicken breasts?  Check.  A healthier yet oh-so-creamy fettuccine alfredo recipe?  Check.  A crowd-pleasing recipe for classic chili?  Check.  The easiest recipe ever for my favorite kind of chili?  Check.  Better-than-restaurant fried rice?  Check.  Always-a-success homemade salsa?  Check.  A creamy-yet-lighter cheesecake base recipe?  Check.  Soft and perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies?  Actually, stay tuned, because they’re comin’ atcha next week.<br /><br />The list goes on, and I’m pretty happy about it.  Because after years of trial and error, it feels pretty darn good to have landed upon some of the recipes that I feel confident will last me a lifetime.  And it has felt so great to have a place where I can share them with you!<br /><br />But alas, many (many, many) a reader has emailed me over the years pointing out that there is one classic recipe that has been missing from this site, and I couldn’t agree more. I seriously don’t know how it has taken me 6 years to snap some photos and post this one, because after finding my favorite recipe for it years ago, I make it constantly.  And as a bonus?  My go-to recipe happens to be naturally sweetened with maple syrup (instead of refined sugar), it’s made with white whole wheat flour, it’s unbelievably rich and moist and banana-y, it’s quick and easy to mix by hand, and — let’s just get to the point — it’s damn good.<br /><br />It’s my favorite banana bread recipe!<br /><br />(more…)
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