Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice)

Silence sings with Kamalika C
Wed, 30 Apr 2014 09:16:00 +0000
 Today I am going to draw a short line and writing a very small post. Last few months were quite hectic for me. We got semi-shifted to our new nest in Rajarhaat. Semi-shifted, yes I used the term as we are only visiting here during my daughter's holidays. Till now it is quite difficult for us to commute to her school from here. Therefore staying here means a complete leisure busy time for me. I had to do all the household work here, though have a maid who comes and makes the house neat and clean by swiping and wiping it. I had to cook the four meals, didn't get a single time to sit with my second love, my lappy. Had to give my sole hours to the lil one who would never leave her mamma for a single second as for her this was the vacation time where we would only play and play and play. I also cherish this time where I can take a complete break from my personal professional work. And completely enjoy a homemaker's duty and a mom's duty (Ah, which I do always but at the same time I proudly enjoy the free spirit of a working lady too on the other days). Here we have just arranged the minimum requirements that make a life happy and perfect. A Washing Machine, a Micro-oven, a refrigerator and a mattress and we three are madly happy to enjoy the holidays here without all those extra gadgets that now a day have taken the pleasure of simple living. We enjoy in the pool, we run on the green and live a life totally unaware of the humdrum of the polluted, populated city life. I don't know how long this place will be so peaceful but at least few years can be a boon to have some time escaped from the city life. Ooopps.. I said that it would be a small post and see how much I pulled so far… Ok now let us cheers to the glasses of the Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice) to make life little bit cooler in this unbearable summer season. My daughter is very fond of Lemon juice. So every day she wants a glass of lemon juice to beat the heat. So this time I made a little variation to give it nice tasty twist. And no need to say she enjoyed it till the bottom and demanded for a next glass. Happy me here sharing the recipe. Chatpata Nimbu Pani (Spicy Lemon Juice)  Ingredients:  (Measurement given for 1  tall normal drinking Glass) Lemon Juice: Out of 2 medium size Lemon Chat Masala -  1/2 tspn (I used MDH) Sugar - 2 & 1/2 tspn (More or less) Salt/ Black Salt- 1/4 tspn Mint Leaves - 2-3 sprigs Chilled Water: 1 tall normal drinking Glass  Method: Squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemons. Add sugar and rest it for few minutes till the sugar granules get dissolved. Add all the other ingredients except the mint leaves. Stir nicely. Taste if more sugar or salt is needed. Crushed the mint leaves in-between  your palms  and add in the juice.  Add some ice (Optional) and serve to soothe your quenched throat in this unbearable summer season. Sending this to the ongoing event of the Kolkata Food Bloggers:
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