Chocolate Doughnut Cake

Willow Bird Baking
Mon, 12 May 2014 04:29:13 +0000
Chocolate Doughnut Cake<br /><br />Things to be happy about:<br /><br />1. I am so happy because: tomorrow I’m getting on a plane and flying to Rome. I’ve never been outside of the country (except a trip to the Bahamas when I was 8!) and I am so excited. I’ve downloaded 800,000 audio tours, guides, and translation apps. I’m learning how to say, “Please I would like a Diet Coke” in Italian!<br /><br />Nope.<br /><br />2. I am so happy because: I have an iPhone to do all these things on. I deposited a check today without ever leaving my house. I’m learning French and Italian using the DuoLingo app. I have 489 new adventure games. I used Google Maps from Mike’s car last night. I’ve been making artsy mini-movies with Cinamatic. I’ve been Instagramming all the things. Did I mention how glad I am to have an iPhone?<br /><br />3. I am so happy because: I used waffles to make a meal that wasn’t breakfast — not even close — and it was amazing. I’m going scheduling the post to go live next weekend (while I’m in Florence, no biggie) and I can’t wait for you to see.<br /><br />4. I am so happy because: Did I mention I’m going to Italy? Well after that, I’m going to Paris. To eat lots of croissants and macarons and whatever else they’ll sell me.<br /><br />5. I am so happy because: I get to go on this amazing trip with my 4 amazing 9th year students, who created our itinerary. They have made such lovely plans, including a dinner cruise on the Seine, and I can’t wait to spend two weeks with them exploring on another continent.<br /><br />6. I am so happy because: Chocolate doughnut cake exists. Easy, delicious, sprinkled. You should make this for dessert tonight!<br /><br />Have you been to Europe (or do you live there now)? What should I make sure to see in Rome, Florence, or Paris?<br /><br />One year ago: Cookie Butter Cookies (with Coffee Butter and Salted Caramel Butter) Two years ago: Gooey Butter Strawberry Shortcake Three years ago: Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed Amaretto Cake Pops (on Pretzel Sticks!) Four years ago: Toasted Almond Cake with Mascarpone Cream and Amarena Cherries<br /><br />Chocolate Doughnut Cake<br /><br />The post Chocolate Doughnut Cake appeared first on Willow Bird Baking.
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