Chocolate Truffle Mousse Pie

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Sat, 12 Jul 2014 03:08:20 +0000
Chocolate, if you’re like me it is tops when you really want to splurge and this pie is just perfect. It is truly decadent, rich and loaded with chocolate. Now for the best part it can be made in less than 20 minutes plus refrigerator time to set up! That’s right and everyone will think it took you forever. We just won’t tell them, okay? It does need to rest a bit before adding the top layer but that is only about 5 minutes of time to prepare the topping.<br /><br />I made the bottom layer with my favorite silk pie chocolate recipe and added a layer of cool chocolate mousse on top with a few chocolate shavings.<br /><br />I use semi sweet chocolate squares to do the shavings with. They add the perfect touch of sweetness to the top of the pie.<br /><br />So let’s talk about chocolate chips for a minute. I am sure you realize not all chocolate chips are created the same. Semi sweet chocolate should contain over 40% Cacao and most of the good ones contain more than 45% Cacao, like Guittard or Ghirardelli. Over 50% is extra semi sweet and at 65 – 80% it is classified as dark or bittersweet chocolate. Try buying some different chocolate chips and you’ll be surprised I am sure by the difference in the taste.<br /><br />Prep Time: 15 minutes<br /><br />Cook Time: 5 minutes<br /><br />Total Time: 20 minutes<br /><br />Yield: 1 pie Serves 6 - 8<br /><br />A layer of my favorite chocolate silk pie with a creamy layer of chocolate mousse. This pie literally melts in your mouth!<br /><br />Ingredients<br /><br />Instructions<br /><br />The post Chocolate Truffle Mousse Pie appeared first on That's My Home.
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