Dill and Pea Pulao

Mon, 30 Jun 2014 16:36:39 +0000
Flavorful and aromatic rice and dill pilaf Dill /suwa/shepu is a herb from celery family ,it has a very strong and slightly pungent taste .They are rich in iron, good for digestion, anti oxidant properties, low in calories so you can easily include it in your diet. Dill rice is a a popular recipe of Persian cuisine they use dill and lima beans  to make a fragrant pulao.Suwa is mainly used to make dips,stir fries,soups ,paratha and rice preparations. Only the tender leaves of dill should be used and discard the leaves which are yellow and avoid using the thick steams as the hard and thick steams will ruin the taste. I have used only peas  but you can also use mixed vegetable or make it just with dill and tomatoes. Rice is consumed in all the states of Indian specially in the southern parts. Biryani and pilaf are made of different varieties.I have posted - Chili and pineapple rice,Mildly flavoured- Kiwi and coriander rice, a very flavourful and easy biryani style pulao-Vegetable biryani pilaf Prep time-15 min Cooking time-20 min Difficulty level-easy Cuisine-Indian Type-main INGREDIENTS- Rice/chawal - 1.5 cups Dill /suwa -2 bunch,130 gms Tomato -275 gms Peas/matar -1/2 cup Chili powder /lal mirch- 1 tsp Coriander powder /dhaniya 1 tsp Salt /namak - to taste Water- 3 cups Tempering- Cooking oil- 5 tbsp Cumin seeds- 1tsp Cloves/Laung -3 Green cardamom /Elaichi -3 Black cardamom /badi elacihi-1 Bay leaf / tejpatta-2 Cinnamon /daalchini-1/2 inch piece PROCEDURE- Wash and soak rice for 20 minutes. Discard the hard steams and wash the dill leaves. Now finely chop the dill leaves and tomatoes. Heat oil in a heavy and broad pan. Add all the tempering and let it crackle . Now add chopped tomatoes and salt,cover and cook till tomatoes become soft. Add dill leaves and all the spices and saute. When oil start separating then add soaked rice and peas and stir for a minute. Now add water in the rice and let it come to a boil. When it start boiling cover the pan and let it cook on slow flame till done. When done fluff with a fork and serve hot. Serving suggestions-best served with yogurt, tomato raita and beetroot raita
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