Freddie Prinze Jr.'s First Cookbook Is Here

Mon, 6 Jun 2016 17:00:03 +0000
The foreword is by Sarah Michelle Gellar<br /><br />A big fantasy for '90s kids comes true this week: Freddie Prinze Jr. releases his first cookbook and with it invites the entire world into his kitchen. What culinary expertise does Prinze Jr. — the jock who gave ostracized girls everywhere a new outlook on life in She's All That — possess? Let's find out in Back to the Kitchen.<br /><br />The "food-obsessed actor" sets the record straight right away in his intro: "I didn't learn how to throw a football until I was out of high school, so no chance of playing in the Super Bowl for me [...] My mom said the kitchen was a better place for my brainy-brain, and plus, she wasn't into sports." The book also reveals a lot about Prinze Jr.'s New Mexico upbringing (he once seriously considered pursuing cooking at Le Cordon Bleu).<br /><br />Bonus: His lifelong sweetheart Sarah Michelle Gellar took a break from scrubbing her face with Proactiv to write the foreword for the book — "In case he forgets to tell you," she writes, "remember his real secret ingredient is love" — a nice tie-in to the heavy emphasis on his family which dominates every recipe he presents in Back to the Kitchen.<br /><br />Buy the book here to drool over glossy photos of Prinze Jr. seasoning raw meat in all of his middle-aged glory. And here, now, the very best lines from Back to the Kitchen:<br /><br />On simple breakfast: "I’ll share my easy New Mexico pulled pork, and for breakfast, you’ll even get green eggs con jamón. (That’s ham, to gringos)."<br /><br />On cooking with children: "I find my daughter, Charlotte, tells me everything going on her in her evil-genius mind, but only while we are cooking…Me learn quick-like: Me cook more with my kids."<br /><br />On muscles and manscaping: "An easy workout drink, which comes with Dr. Freddie P’s scientific tip of the day: Don’t have your shake until AFTER your workout."<br /><br />On vegetarians: "[Freddie's mother’s] obsession with great food did border on insane at times: I wasn’t allowed to date vegetarians, and if I did, I was too smart to bring them home."<br /><br />On the art of jiu jitsu: "Chris Sandoval was my best friend in grade school, and I would usually wrestle him for the last carne aside taco. Only-child syndrome and jiu jitsu were my greatest weapons, and so I always won the extra taco…"<br /><br />On his marriage: "I keep the wife well fed, and if I find something she loves, it’s on like Donkey Kong. (Do people even remember what that is?)"<br /><br />On his first big culinary break: "The first dish I ever cooked on TV was a sea bass with sugar and lime with Rosie O’Donnell, of all people. I think I was supposed to be selling daytime America a Miramax rom-com, but I liked food more and Rosie enjoyed giving a middle-finger to authority, so it worked out great."<br /><br />On his tomato soup: "You will swear this soup has cream in it. Nope. Your friends will swear, call you a liar, a vegan destroyer! You are none of these. You’re just awesome. The secret is you puree the vegetables."<br /><br />On artichokes: "Of course, my wife loves the ONE vegetable that stabs you repeatedly every time you cook it….She’s lucky I dig her so much."<br /><br />On why food can be so important for families: "This may sound weird, but when I was a kid, all I wanted was a dad I could split a bowl of cereal or a big-time sandwich with [...] Today I get to cook, grill, bake, fry, and most important, eat with my kids. And it feels way better than anything I could have ever imagined."
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