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Thu, 17 Jul 2014 21:16:42 +0000
A few weeks ago, Jenn (a most talented cook and Club member!) asked me if I had a recipe for honey gelato. I didn’t… Why didn’t I have a honey gelato recipe yet, I wondered? It’s something I had thought about many times, but never got around to making.<br /><br />So I quickly went to work, and soon realized that honey does very funny things to the gelato base. It makes it a little icy and less creamy – and that’s because honey contains water.<br /><br />As you may have noticed, my gelato recipes are mostly milk-based and thickened with a bit of cornstarch. Of course, I love ice cream! But when I see how much egg yolk and heavy cream goes into a pint, I cringe. It’s been my goal to create gelatos that are smooth and creamy, yet a bit healthier than the norm. However, this means the base has to be carefully calibrated… and even moreso when using honey as a sweetener. So to compensate for the water content in the honey, I do two things: First, I stir the honey into the base once it’s totally chilled, so the honey is never warmed. Second, I add crème fraîche instead of heavy cream – which, since crème fraîche has a creamier texture, helps to counteract the iciness.<br /><br />All the testing was worth it in the end, because the flavor of this honey gelato is superb! (Plus it’ll vary with the kind of honey you use.) You can serve it on its own, with summer stone fruits, with this elegant pear tart or with this delightful apricot clafoutis.<br /><br />Thank you, Jenn! Honey gelato has now become a favorite in this household.<br /><br />Here’s another favorite homemade gelato: Fresh mint gelato with cacao nibs!
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