Mango Corn Salsa

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:24:20 +0000
(There is a print link embedded in this post; please visit Mango Corn Salsa to print.)<br /><br />With the recent sales on corn and mango, I thought a salsa would taste great. Then, I saw this recipe from A Communal Table. Mango corn salsa it was! I also happened to have some fresh cilantro, and the flavor really went well - far better than my usual dried. I know everyone's always commenting on how much better they like fresh, but after eating dried for so long, I think we forget the difference. Now we have to figure out if we want to use fresh normally or just occasionally. I know I could freeze leftovers or dry it myself for better flavor than store bought dried, but even then, I can taste a difference. I'm still not sure what, if any decision we'll settle on.<br /><br />What about you - do you use dried, fresh, or frozen herbs? Do you think the differences are worth it?<br /><br />Never miss an update! Subscribe to our free email!<br /><br />Mango Corn Salsa is a post from Morsels of Life © 2010-2014 Morsels of Life
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