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Mon, 6 Jan 2014 11:00:00 +0000
Happy belated New Year!  I meant to share this post last week but time has already gotten away from me this year.  By the way, where did 2013 go?  I feel like we just rang in the new year.  Oh well, time to start remembering to write “2014″ now-I am absolutely the worst at that and know I’ll be writing a “3″ instead of a “4″ well into March!<br /><br />Looking back food wise, I made a lot of yummy things in 2013 if I can say so myself-here are my 13 favorite!<br /><br />Whole Lemon Bars The bars are awesome!  Seriously, probably my favorite dessert I made in 2013.  I’m excited citrus season is back-I can’t wait to make these again! (Although there would be absolutely nothing wrong with making these in the summer too!)<br /><br />Skillet Eggplant Parmesan This version of eggplant Parmesan is our favorite-it’s crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked inside and the sauce is just right. It’s the meal that Matt requests most often :-)<br /><br />Perfect Sugar Cookies I always thought sugar cookies were just okay-until I made this recipe-these cookies are anything but boring.  This was our favorite cookie I made this year.<br /><br />Salmon with Melting Cherry Tomatoes Matt always says that he doesn’t care for salmon-but yet whenever I make this recipe, he practically licks his plate clean!  The sweetness of the tomatoes and slightly acidic flavor of balsamic vinegar really take salmon to a whole new level for a delicious recipe.<br /><br />Cookies and Cream Ice Cream I made a lot of ice cream in 2013 and really enjoyed all of it.  But oh my- this ice cream was beyond perfect-it’s everything you’d imagine cookies and cream ice cream should be-and more-perfectly creamy and chocolatey.<br /><br />Skillet Baked Tex Mex Macaroni Another skillet recipe-this one is great because everything-even the pasta-is made and baked right in the skillet.  Easy prep and clean up and an amazing dinner-can’t beat that!<br /><br />Cannoli Cheesecake I kind of have an obsession with cannolis and cannoli flavored anything.  This cheesecake is absolutely divine and will be gracing our dessert table for years to come.<br /><br />Chicken Enchiladas Mexican food has always been one of my favorites-so when I discovered that I can make restaurant quality enchiladas at home I was thrilled.  In this recipe, everything down to the sauce is homemade but nothing is complicated. Plus, you can make these ahead of time and keep them in the freezer for when that Mexican mood strikes!<br /><br />Classic Apple Pie As much as I love experimenting and making new things in the kitchen, I have a soft spot for classic recipes.  I love finding what I think is the perfect version of something-and this apple pie is just that.  I love making it in the fall after going apple picking and who wouldn’t want this as part of their Thanksgiving dessert?<br /><br />Sweet Ham and Cheese Sliders So I don’t like ham and I don’t like Swiss cheese-but I am in love with these sliders.  Matt likes ham and Swiss and also loves these sliders.  Go figure.  Either way, these are always a hit in our house and would be just perfect a party!<br /><br />Salted Pretzel Rolls These have become another staple in our house-especially during the summer.  These rolls will take any sandwich or burger to a whole new level.<br /><br />Shrimp Tacos with Jalapeno Ranch Sauce These are a great way to change up tacos or to change up how you use shrimp and they are super easy and quick to make.  They were one of my favorite dinners this year!<br /><br />Overnight French Toast Casserole I don’t make a lot of fancy breakfasts but when I do, I usually like to make something that can be prepared ahead of time and then baked or cooked before serving so I’m not spending all morning in the kitchen.  This casserole was just perfect and makes me want to host some more brunches to share it-it truly is delicious!<br /><br />The post My Favorite 13 Posts of 2013 appeared first on Simple Gourmet Cook.
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