On the Job: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

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Mon, 14 Jul 2014 11:00:48 +0000
I’ve had a long tortured history with these buffalo chicken quesadillas. It’s not their fault. But like the tastiest of food lovers, they’ve caused me to experience some high highs and low lows.<br /><br />My affair with healthy buffalo chicken themed sandwiches began around this time last year during a downpour of recipe development for Food & Wine. I used the hot sauce spiked chicken salad as part of a wrap, with carrots, celery, red onion and romaine as the additional filling. Instead of sour cream and buttermilk, I used Greek yogurt for the blue cheese dressing. It was a beautiful thing in conception. But the only catch was I couldn’t eat it.<br /><br />Sadly, I still haven’t found a gluten-free wrap that I love. (If anyone has suggestions, please let me know in the comments!!). And for the sake of the picture, I didn’t want to use something that looked as dry and stiff as cardboard. So I wrapped up the premade sandwiches and took them with me to my friend Kate’s share house in the Hamptons, and they were subsequently consumed somewhere along 495 in bumper to bumper traffic by some very grateful boys.<br /><br />I didn’t mind missing out too much, since at the time I had so many dishes in the works that my fridge was an overflowing refuge camp for leftovers. But I did want to eventually try the combination. After all, buffalo chicken wings are another dish I can’t eat now that I’m gluten-free, and that’s been hard enough.<br /><br />So now that a year’s passed and I’m through dilly dallying with other chicks (in sandwich form), I decided to revisit my healthy buffalo chicken in the more hospitable vehicle of a corn tortilla. It’s a pretty hot ride, but sometimes if they’re too dry, corn tortillas can break when folded in half as a quesadilla. I picked up the most pliable ones I could find at Whole Foods by the brand Maria and Ricardo’s. I couldn’t believe how well they worked—almost too good to be true.<br /><br />Spoiler alert: they were.<br /><br />When I went online to link to the brand in my recipe, I couldn’t find a listing anywhere for corn tortillas, just corn and wheat tortillas. I quickly realized what I had done (eaten a whole flour tortilla), and that I had, like a fatty, done it three times. High highs, low lows.<br /><br />Like anyone who’s on the bottom end of an emotional roller coaster, with a stomach ache to match, I became irrationally angry at Maria and Ricardo for not writing anywhere on the front of their product that there was flour involved. I usually check packaging for most products. But corn tortillas are such a straight forward purchase that I never look at the ingredient list.<br /><br />Luckily I had the opportunity to remake these buffalo chicken quesadillas for a shoot with Healthination using actual corn tortillas. And I ate the shit out of them. Be prepared to fall in love with this quesadilla. Just make sure to wrap it up properly, using the right materials.<br /><br />Eat up!<br /><br />xo Phoebe<br /><br />Prep Time: 10 minutes<br /><br />Cook Time: 15 minutes<br /><br />Total Time: 25 minutes<br /><br />Serving Size: 4-6<br /><br />These easy grilled buffalo chicken quesadillas are a healthy, gluten-free take on the classic bar snack. They make for the perfect summer appetizer recipe.<br /><br />Ingredients<br /><br />Instructions<br /><br />Notes<br /><br />If you use larger burrito-sized tortillas, you will probably only have enough filling for 4. Try not to over-stuff the quesadillas too much or you'll lose the filling to the grill.<br /><br />Check out the other great dishes from this week’s Food Network #SummerSoiree below<br /><br />The Lemon Bowl: Indian Spiced Grilled Chicken Jeanette’s Healthy Living: Fajita Spiced Beer Can Chicken Dishing With Divya: General Tso’s Chicken with Indian Jeera Rice Weelicious: Breaded Chicken Cutlets with Pea Salad Sweet Life Bake: Chicken Fajitas Napa Farmhouse 1885: Farmhouse Fried Chicken Red or Green: Spicy Chicken Provencal with Peppers and Heirloom Tomatoes Elephants and the Coconut Trees: Sweet and Sour Sesame Chicken Domesticate Me: Cilantro-Lime Grilled Chicken with Strawberry-Jalapeno Salsa Devour: 5 Sizzling Skewers Swing Eats: Long John Silver’s Style Fried Chicken Planks (Gluten-Free) Food for 7 Stages of Life: Best Tandoori Chicken Recipe Taste With The Eyes: Perfect Chicken Dish to Serve to a Crowd FN Dish: Chicken is Better with Grill Marks<br /><br />The post On the Job: Grilled Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas appeared first on Feed Me Phoebe.
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