Prosciutto Potato Pizza with Caramelized Onions

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Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:12:49 +0000
I have died and gone to carbohydrate heaven. This pizza was superb. There are times when we are sitting around the dinner table and I look over at my husband and tell him that I really don’t want to toot my own horn, but…..”toot, toot”. Delicious dinners should be celebrated I think.  This pizza I would serve to guests without a doubt. In fact as soon as my kitchen remodel is done I might have to have a pizza party with this pie on the menu.<br /><br />This pizza combines some of my favorites. Baked potatoes, prosciutto, and caramelized onions. Don’t you just love those ingredients too? Caramelized onions are divine. They are so sweet and wonderful. I actually have been known to eat them by the fork full straight out of the pan. The only downside to caramelized onions is that they take time to make. If you see a recipe that says you can have caramelized onions in 20 minutes they are a bunch of lying liars. I have seen so many people claim you can have them that quickly but I have never (ever) had any luck. I usually end up with slightly burnt onions, which I actually like, but I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.<br /><br />Perfection cannot and should not be rushed. Plan to spend about an hour cooking them and gently coaxing out the sweet oniony sugars. Patience pays off here folks. Since they cook down so much you will need lots of onions to start off. I zip my through my food processor to slice them uniformly thin. A little olive oil, a little butter, a whole lot of sliced onions, and a light sprinkling of sugar are all added to my favorite cast iron skillet. Cook and stir, cook and stir, for the next hour and you will have yourself the most delicious version of onions known to man.<br /><br />Eat them plain, put them on eggs, stir in to a dip, serve with a steak, or on a pizza like I did. The options are scrumptious and endless. How do you like to use caramelized onions?<br /><br />This pizza is topped with a thinly sliced leftover baked potato. No baked potatoes on hand? No worries! Wash up a potato then give it a few therapeutic stabs with a knife. Pop it in the microwave for 5-7 minutes (depending on the size of your spud) until it slightly gives when squeezed. The pizza crust is from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s. It was really good. I usually like to make my own but it requires by oven to be heated as high as it will go and right now my flakey oven does not like to be heated to 550 degrees F so I will take some help from the grocery store until I have a new oven. The crust is brushed lightly with olive oil, topped with a light sprinkle of mozzarella*, then thinly sliced baked potato, some prosciutto, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and is finished with a sprinkle of Maldon sea salt flakes when it comes out of the oven. Mmmmmmm!<br /><br />Welcome to carbohydrate heaven folks! I think this pizza would pair so well with a glass of red wine which you can be sure I will be trying as soon as this babe is born. Make sure you don’t go over board on the cheese with this pizza. Usually I would say pile it on high but in this case it is all about the potatoes, prosciutto, and onions. Let them have their moment in the spotlight.<br /><br />PROSCIUTTO POTATO CARAMELIZED ONION PIZZA Ingredients 1 pre-made pizza crust** 1 teaspoon olive oil mozzarella* cheese, shredded 1 baked potato, cooled and thinly sliced 2-3 pieces of prosciutto, cut into strips caramelized onions cheddar cheese, shredded pinch of Maldon sea salt flakes<br /><br />Directions: 1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees F or whatever temperature your crust calls for 2. Lightly brush olive oil over the crust. Top with a small amount of mozzarella cheese. Add potatoes, prosciutto, and caramelized onions. Sprinkle lightly with shredded cheddar cheese. 3.  Bake for about 7-8 minutes or as directed by your crust package. You make all the cheese to be melted. Sprinkle with salt. Serve<br /><br />*I usually like to use fresh mozzarella when I make pizza however it would be too wet in this case<br /><br />**For a gluten free option use a gluten free crust. Udi’s makes a good one you can find in the freezer section at most grocery stores.<br /><br />FOR THE CARAMELIZED ONIONS Ingredients 3 large yellow onions 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon butter 1 teaspoon sugar<br /><br />Directions: 1.  Using a food processor, mandolin, or a knife and cutting board thinly slice the onions. 2.  In a large cast iron skillet or heavy bottomed saute pan heat the oil and butter over medium heat until the oil begins to shimmer. 3.  Add the onions, stirring to coat, then making sure the onions are spread out evenly. 4.  Cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the sugar and stir to coat. 5.  You may need to turn down the heat slightly so the onions won’t burn. If the onions look like they are drying out add a little water. 6.  Allow the onions to cook and stir only occasionally for the next 30 minutes. You may need to turn down the heat a little more at this point making sure the onions are not burning but cooking and caramelizing slowing. 7.  Continue cooking for the next 15-20 minutes until the onions reach a deep brown color and are soft and fragrant.
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