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Tue, 12 May 2015 12:47:29 +0000
       Like kulfi, falooda is also one that I have not yet tasted at restaurants. Obviously no idea about the recipe. When Sangeeta  had suggestions for summer recipes and when I posted rose milk, she told one simple rose falooda that her mom makes and wanted me to post here. I was happy to try at home as I know I will never taste falooda at restaurant. When I made this and tasted, it was tasting great and I am loving it a lot. Totally my kind of dessert. I should make this often here after, I told myself. This is easy to make too. Perfect dessert idea for serving guests. You should try this dessert this summer sure you will love it. When I was kid, my parents used to buy this sabja seeds (basil seeds) which is similar to Chia seeds and just mix with water and ask to drink. I never used to like it. Even when I bought this time, I thought I may not like it, by just seeing its looks. But when I had it in this dessert, it was too good. Sabja seeds has lots of health benefits, I guess its body coolant and chia seeds has lots of dietary fiber too. So for summer, it cools you even from the inside. My friend sangeeta told, her mom makes with sago/ sabudana instead of sabja seeds. I too first thought I will try with sago, but I wanted this sabja seeds health benefits, so go for sabja seeds. Rose falooda recipe Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert Prep Time: 15 mins     |  Cook time: 35 mins     |  Serves: 2 Ingredients Milk – 1 cup Sabja seeds (basil seeds) or Chia seeds – 2 tsp Vermicelli/ semiya – 1/4 cup Rose syrup – 3 tblsp Ice cream – 2 scoops (Vanilla flavor or kulfi) Chopped nuts to garnish Method Soak chia seeds in a cup of water for 15 mins. Drain excess water with use of a metal strainer. Mean while you can cook semiya in 2 cups water until soft, drain water, keep aside. Boil milk, cool down, mix rose syrup to make rose milk. Gather all the ingredients, tall serving glasses. Add a tsp of rose syrup in bottom of the glass. Add the chia seeds equally in both glasses. Layer with cooked semiya equally in both glasses. Add rose milk in each glass and top with a scoop of ice cream to finish. Garnish with nuts. Notes You can mix soaked chia seeds, cooked vermicelli with rose milk and keep refrigerated. Just before serving, transfer to the glass and top with ice cream to serve. I used roasted vermicelli I had in stock, but use long, white vermicelli for more pleasant look. You can drizzle with rose syrup on top of ice cream. Glazed cherry can be use for garnish too. Or some tutti fruity. Make sure rose milk is bit on sweeter side to ensure balancing chia seeds and vermicelli addition. Update: I first thought chia and sabja seeds are same, but thanks to Priyasakthi, she pointed out its different and I have updated this post.  I used a flavor called Hokey pokey icecream that Aj eats, I had in stock. It was good.
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