Rustic Lemon Layer Cake for a baby shower

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Tue, 4 Nov 2014 10:01:57 +0000
by Aimee<br /><br />November is the season of comfort food, which for me roughly translates into coffee and cake – at least today it does.<br /><br />Lately I’ve taken to retreating into my warm kitchen in the morning with a stack of the fall’s latest baking books and only emerging when I feel adequately caffeinated and something delightful is cooling on the counter. We can only eat so much, and I gift a good portion of my baking, but it is always welcome to have a little assignment.<br /><br />So last weekend when a few close friends and I teamed up on an (actual, not virtual, although today’s is virtual) baby shower, I volunteered to bake the cake. I’d been thumbing through both Homemade Decadence and Butter Baked Goods dreaming of layer cakes and fluffy frosting and this was the opportunity I needed  to break out the cake pans. I chose a recipe from each book and both were so spectacular, I requested permission from the publishers to share them with you here.<br /><br />The recipes can be scaled up or down, should you one day find yourself committed to making a wedding cake or just want a crumb of something sweet for Sunday dinner.  I think you’ll agree, few things in life are as enjoyable a frosted slice of cake, so read on for the tutorial, recipes and virtual baby shower you can join, too!<br /><br />Call it ‘exposed’, ‘rustic’ or ‘naked’, this new cake trend merely means an unfrosted cake. It’s a down-to-earth approach that fits well with my simple baking style and I’ve been itching for an excuse to whip one up.<br /><br />It’s almost too obvious to be mentioned, but this naked cake trend has just made our lives a lot easier. I couldn’t believe how fast this cake came together (scroll down to see the finished dessert); basically, I’m sold. Now of course you can still dress up a naked cake to the nines – just take a peek at Pinterest and you’ll get the idea. But be they truly naked or adorned with flowers, I think they are stunning.<br /><br />Visually, a naked cake needs to be able to stand alone, meaning it needs neat and tidy sides, even layers, that sort of thing.  Remember, there are no mounds of frosting to hide behind. Also, the cake must taste superb on its own. If it’s dry and crumbly, it’s just going to be one big disappointment.<br /><br />Thankfully, we have Joy the Baker to guide us to success on these points. Have you seen her latest book, Homemade Decadence? Oh. My. Heck. It’s worth the price just for the brunch chapter alone, but is obviously out to win hearts and minds with an impressive line up of cookies, bars, pies, crumbles and, of course, layer cakes.<br /><br />Once I had a recipe for Joy’s yellow cake cooling in two 9-inch and three 6-inch pans, it was time to move on.<br /><br />I knew I wanted to elevate the cake experience with a filling of sorts. I wanted to make a cake that didn’t scream ‘BABY’, and even though my friend is expecting a boy, blue was out of the question. I wanted it neutral enough to be adaptable for a wedding shower or Easter Sunday, so lemon filling was the obvious choice.<br /><br />For this, I went with a reliable recipe for lemon curd from the beautiful Butter Baked Goods cookbook. I adore this book for many reasons, quaint Canadian bakery among them, but mainly because I know I can trust the results of my efforts.<br /><br />As depicted in the photos above, I piped a double circle of frosting around the layers and filled the centre in with lemon curd. Repeat x4, then frost the top cake. I garnished the end result with a dozen macarons.<br /><br />It’s a virtual Baby Shower for Jessica of How Sweet It Is! Naturally, I’m bringing my naked lemon layer cake. It’s decked out with macarons that have been personalized with food decorator pens. Simple and sweet.<br /><br />Jessica, I’m so excited for you! Motherhood is absolutely the best adventure and you’ve never been one to shy away from adventure. You embrace everything with such enthusiasm, I know you’ll be an incredibly special mama. Hugs to you!<br /><br />(Apologies for the lighting in this photo, but by the time I had added the finishing touches, it was late in the evening in someone else’s kitchen! That’s just real life, people.)<br /><br />Last but not least, here is the full round-up of brand new recipes from some of the best food bloggers in the biz! We’re so thrilled to celebrate Jessica and the pending arrival of her little one with this virtual shower. A big thank you to Bev and Ashley for organizing all of us.<br /><br />Now, who’s hungry? <br /><br /> <br /><br />Hungry yet? Thanks for reading!<br /><br />© 2010-2014 Simple Living Media, LLC | All rights reserved - This feed is provided for the convenience of subscribers. Any reproduction of the content within this feed is strictly prohibited. If you are reading this content elsewhere, please contact to let us know. Thanks.
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