Spring Holiday Round-Up

Dinner: A Love Story
Fri, 11 Apr 2014 13:00:52 +0000
In season: Peas, Ramps, Asparagus and…Peeps! No shortage of ways to use ‘em up on the Interweb: Peep S’mores, Peep Sunflower Cake, Peep-Wreaths, Peep-infused Vodka. (Yes, it exists, but some things are just too weird to link to.)<br /><br />Easter Main Option 1: Andy’s super-easy Apricot-glazed Ham (and my super-easy day-after-ham split pea soup)<br /><br />Easter Main Option 2: Slow-cooked Lamb with Lemon and Oregano<br /><br />Francois Payard’s Chocolate-Walnut Flourless Cookies (Thanks Jodi!)<br /><br />Kosher for Passover: Cult Foods<br /><br />If there was a single dish that could capture my religious background, it would probably be Bacon Matzoh-Brei.<br /><br />Next week’s vacation reading: Delancey and Creativity Inc<br /><br />Next week’s vacation eating: Two Boroughs Larder (if I can get a table!)<br /><br />Vegetarian Cookbooks for Carnivores (ok fine, not holiday, per se, but spring…vegetables…close enough)<br /><br />My sister’s go-to brisket<br /><br />My mom’s go-to brisket<br /><br />My go-to strawberry shortcake<br /><br />Got some long school-less days ahead of you next week? This should help occupy the kids.<br /><br />Turn those leftover Easter Eggs into Dinner.<br /><br />Whatever feast you are cooking next week, wouldn’t you look great wearing this around the kitchen?<br /><br />Have a great holiday!<br /><br />Peeps photo: eac5 on flickr
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