Sriracha Stix Are the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Your Pot Roast — On Trend

The Kitchn
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 20:30:00 +0000
(Image credit: Sugarmade, Inc. ) Sriracha-lovers of the world, prepare to meet your new favorite ingredient. The viscous hot sauce that comes in the signature bottle might be great for putting on already cooked meals, but these new Sriracha Stix might be what your pot roast (and fish, and poultry, and basically all protein) is missing. These crimson cinnamon stick lookalikes pack the garlicky, fiery punch of Sriracha in each stick. The new product is essentially an alternative to marinades, dry rubs, and other seasoning. You basically stick it into any protein before cooking and then watch as your meal turns into a Sriracha-infused creation. How delicious does that sound? READ MORE »
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