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How to make perfect boondi Sweet boondi i have very fond memories of eating that from a famous sweet shop in my native place. Though i have posted Boondi ladoo (with video) and motichoor ladoo recipe, the tiny tiny separate sweet boondis are my favorite. My appa used to get this for us and they are usually wrapped in a paper cover. Also those boondis were in different colours like green, orange and yellow. Many may think that the boondi ladoo and sweet boondi procedures are but it is not so. For boondi ladoo, boondis are not fried fully and taken when they are soft. But for this sweet boondi they are fried crisp and soaked in sugar syrup. These sweet boondis are made in temple and given as prasad too. Also in Tamil brahmin weddings boondis are served on the day of marriage along with other sweets. I got hooked by this recipe of sweet boondi by nisha madhulika and tweaked it a bit and made it 2 days back. It was a super hit recipe and turned out perfect. Try out this sweet boondi for Diwali and impress your family and friends. Check out my full collection of diwali recipes. Stay tuned of few more interesting recipes coming up for deepavali. Sweet boondi recipe  Preparation Time : 15 mins + 1 hour  | Cooking Time : 25 Mins |Yields: 3 cups      Besan| kadalai maavu    1 cup      Urad  dal   1/4 cup      Sugar    2 cups      Cardamom powder  2 pinches      Orange food colour   a pinch (optional)      Turmeric powder  a pinch      Baking soda   a pinch      Oil   for deepfrying      Sugar candy | kalkandu   1 tblsp (optional)      Cashew nuts   few      Ghee   1 tsp      Lemon juice  few drops       Method:   Before proceeding to this recipe, let me explain you that in this recipe, i have used urad dal and besan but the original recipe has maida and urad dal. I do not want to maida and so used besan. You can use rice flour instead of urad dal too. But urad dal gave a nice soft crispy and juicy texture. Soak urad dal in water for an hour. Drain the water completely. Grind this into a fine paste.  In a wide bowl sift the besan and baking soda. Add the turmeric powder to this. Do not add more than a pinch, else it will spoil the taste. Alternatively you can add yellow food colour too. Add little water to the besan mixture and make a smooth paste out of it.  Add the urad dal paste to this and mix well by adding water little by little. Bring it to a dosa batter consistency. Check out my boondi ladoo post for detailed check on the consistency of the batter.  In a pan add sugar and add 1/2 cup water.  Boil this and allow the sugar to dissolve. After few minutes check for the consistency of the sugar syrup. Boil till it reaches one string consistency.  Check out my detailed post on sugar syrup consistency for sweets. When you touch the sugar syrup with your forefingers and thumb and pull apart it should form one string. Alternatively you can mix the sugar syrup with a ladle and  slide the ladle and the last drop forms one string as shown in the picture. Switch off the flame and add few drop of lemon juice to this. This is to avoid the crystalisation of the syrup.  You can add the orange food colour to the syrup now. I forgot to add and later added which i couldn't cover in the picture. This addition of colour is optional, i added since i want them to look bright on pictures. Feel free to omit the food colour.  Use either the big boondi ladle |jhara or the normal perforated ladle to make boondis. I used my big boondi ladle.  Heat oil for deep frying. When the oil is hot start making boondis. Meanwhile check for the consistency of the batter. Mix it well. Hold the boondi ladle on the top of the oil and pour one ladle full of batter to it and start swirling with a spoon or ladle. The tiny pearls of boondis will fall off into the oil. Cook till the oil sound subsides and ensure they should not get it burnt. Immediately transfer them into the sugar syrup and mix well. Let this soak in the syrup till the next batch gets done.  Take out the soaked boondis and transfer that in a wide plate or bowl.  Though the boondis look wet it will get slightly fluffed up and dried too in few minutes.  Heat up the syrup slightly in the last 2 batches if they turn thick. Once everything is done mix well and the cardamom powder and sugar candy. For this portion of batter all the sugar syrup will be completely used up and you will not be left with any syrup.  Wipe the back of the ladle after every batch of making boondis. Roast the cashew nuts in ghee and add to the boondis.  Mix well with clean hands or dry spoon. Add the kalkandu or sugar candy to this. The boondis will be perfectly separated once they become cool.  You can add a pinch of edible camphor to this boondis and mix it well.  Cardamom powder can be added in the sugar syrup itself. Sweet boondis are ready.  These sweet boondis stay good for a week, if kept in a dry air tight container. Notes: Ensure the batter is in the right consistency before making boondis. Else you won't get the round pearls. Always wipe the back of the ladle after making every batch of boondi .  Fry the boondis till crisp.  You can add sliced almonds at the end and mix. A pinch of saffron and few drops of rose essence can be added to the sugar syrup to enhance the taste.               Technorati Tags: sweet boondi recipe,how to make perfect sweet boondi,jeyashriskitchen diwali recipes,how to make boondi,boondi temple prasad,sweet boondi,diwali sweet recipes
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