Tonkatsu/Japanese Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet 日式吉列猪扒

Copy Cake Kithchen
Fri, 12 Sep 2014 06:15:00 +0000
I am not a pork chop lover but I seriously craving for tonkatsu after having them at Ma Maison@Publika. Finally my tonkatsu craving was met with this delicious tonkatsu recipe from Just One Cookbook, thank you Nami san :)自从尝过Ma Maison@Publika的日式猪扒后, 原来不太爱猪扒的我也可以对它念念不忘! 上网搜索食谱,才发现日式猪扒的材料和做法还蛮简单滴。于是,就在家里搞搞日式料理。 一片片香喷喷的猪扒,配上芝麻Tonkatsu 酱,味道酸酸甜甜,令人食欲大开! 快来尝一片吧!Dozu! :) Tonkatsu (below) which I had at Ma Maison@Publika  They even have this guide on how to enjoy the tonkatsu by providing  the sauces and dressing.  Tonkatsu/Japanese Deep-Fried Pork Cutlet 日式吉列猪扒 (Recipe reference : Just One Cookbook) Makes : 2 pork chops Ingredients 2 Boneless pork chops (at least ½ inch thickness) Salt Freshly ground black pepper 2 tbsp all purpose flour 1 egg ½ tbsp oil 3/4 cup panko/breadcrumbs Oil for deep frying Dressing  Tonkatsu Sauce  1tsp black / white sesame seeds  Method Heat up oil in a pan over medium high heat. Make a small cut all over the pork chop. Pound the meat with a meat pounder or back of a knife. Season meat with salt and pepper. Coat the meat with flour, dip into egg, then dredge panko crumbs, pressing to coat.  Fry the meat in batches till colour turns golden brown and crispy. Serve with tonkatsu sauce and rice.
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