Vegan Indian Chai Tea. Masala Chai. Gluten-free Recipe

Vegan Richa
Sun, 13 Jul 2014 22:41:31 +0000
A quick how-to post today. Masala Chai was the last of the non-vegan foods to be eliminated from our diet. Hubbs and me both grew up guzzling cups of chai every morning with breakfast. It would be mostly milk and lightly flavored with tea till we hit the teens, then it was small cups every now then with friends, every time we visited anyone, at evening hang outs, in the wee hours of the morning during exams, and on and on. Dad still has a cup every 2-3 hours at work. No wonder we were so stuck to it, or more stuck to the dairy in it. The thick creamy concoction made with dairy milk, boiled for minutes and minutes, had not only the addiction from milk and tea but also several memories associated with it. I have an older post with a creamer that was the recipe we finally settled on some years back. And now after trying several other plant milk options, this is our current chai. The recipe works well with other almond milks and soy milk too. The additives in some of the packaged plant milks though change the texture and consistency of the chai enough that it can go from great to unpalatable if not used correctly(over heated or not heated enough, or curdles at high heat). Some of the preference is also related to the fact that the Chai has to uphold to our strong taste and texture memories. For someone who is flexible with the taste, the recipe will work with a lot of other plant milks as well. I also made this Chai with So Delicious Barista creamer. The creamer gives it the appearance of thick and creamy chai, but doesnt add as much creaminess as the almond breeze. I think it has to do with all the gums, thickeners and additives. Home made almond milk or coconut milk also does not work as well. The creamer is a really good shelf stable option for travelling or just heading out to a non vegan event. Why the hassle to find the home made or packaged plant milks that works best? Same reason we all look to find cheese alternatives or other things from our pre-gan days. With the preference for steeped in water teas growing in this house, soon we might not be drinking the morning chai at all. It is a great option to have for anyone visiting though. Mom and dad drink Chai 3 to 6 times in the day. Mom loves the easy access to almond breeze when she visits. There is also the option to use cashew milk, packaged or home made. The thing with cashew milk is that the heat thickens up the cashew milk really quickly and the thick texture might feel too different or new. For any milk you use, give it some time. Try it a couple of times instead of just once. It takes time to get used to the change. Sometimes just 1 or 2 tries and you find the one, and sometimes many. Keep trying different plant milks for the ones that work best for you. Click Here to Read more »
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