Fish Chowder (bermuda)

135 mins (prep 15, cooking 120)
24 ingredients
worcestershire sauce, water, onions, peppers, red snapper, thyme, garlic cloves, beef, green, potatoes, pepper, unsalted butter, bay leaves, parsley, rum, tomatoes, whole cloves, peppercorns, ketchup, juice, celery, sherry, carrots, lemon

  Baked Honey And Garlic Ribs

75 mins (prep 20, cooking 55)
6 ingredients
orange, tabasco sauce, ginger, garlic cloves, pork, honey

  Breakfast Tex Mex Haystacks

30 mins (prep 15, cooking 15)
16 ingredients
sour cream, potatoes, mexican cheese, panko, bacon, hash browns, salsa, cumin, vegetable oil, sun-dried tomatoes, chili powder, eggs, cilantro, butter, scallions, salt

  Maryland Crab Soup

65 mins (prep 20, cooking 45)
12 ingredients
worcestershire sauce, bouillon, water, mixed vegetables, beef, meat, old bay seasoning, potato, russet, tomatoes, crab, onion

  Real Buttermilk Biscuits Without The Buttermilk

20 mins (prep 5, cooking 15)
7 ingredients
baking powder, sour cream, flour, milk, shortening, butter, baking soda

  Chicken Bean And Veggie Stew

250 mins (prep 10, cooking 240)
16 ingredients
sage, chicken breasts, tomato, garlic cloves, green, fat, garbanzo beans, cumin, olive oil, zucchini, paprika, jalapeno, carrots, peas, onion, salt


2 mins (prep 2)
5 ingredients
ice, half-and-half, vodka, orange juice, cream

  Kelly's Tri Tip

90 mins (prep 60, cooking 30)
5 ingredients
steak, seasoning, parmesan cheese, tri-tip roast, lemon pepper

  Gianduja Cookies

132 mins (prep 120, cooking 12)
20 ingredients
baking powder, water, chips, corn syrup, oat flour, hazelnuts, egg substitute, hazelnut, oil, cookie, chocolate chips, flour, canola oil, bittersweet chocolate, milk, oreo, oat bran, vanilla, salt, sugar

  Jamaican Pepper Shrimp

20 mins (prep 10, cooking 10)
9 ingredients
thyme, canola oil, garlic cloves, butter, shrimp, scallion, pepper, lime, salt