Asian Green Beans

45 mins (prep 10, cooking 35)
6 ingredients
garlic clove, vegetable oil, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, green beans

  Avocado And Tofu Dressing

10 mins (prep 10)
9 ingredients
garlic clove, silken tofu, lime juice, soy sauce, cottage cheese, avocado, pepper, mayonnaise, salt

  Basic Onigiri

5 mins (cooking 5)
11 ingredients
nori, water, rice, plums, chinese five spice, seaweed, grain, salmon, sesame seeds, umeboshi, salt

  Baked Chicken Breasts

65 mins (prep 5, cooking 60)
7 ingredients
splenda, onions, garlic, soy sauce, boneless skinless chicken breasts, sweetener, poultry seasoning

  Baked Chicken Katsu

30 mins (cooking 30)
13 ingredients
worcestershire sauce, panko, pepper, chicken, olive oil, flour, eggs, paprika, soy sauce, ketchup, garlic powder, salt, sugar

  Baked Blueberry Cheese Cake Recipe

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50 mins (cooking 50)
7 ingredients
eggs, cream cheese, blueberries, all-purpose flour, cream, lemon juice, sugar

  Benihana Mai Tai

2 mins (prep 2)
4 ingredients
orange, juice, lime, rum

  Beef Donburi California Style - Beef Bowl

12 mins (cooking 12)
15 ingredients
water, rice, ginger, red wine, beef, sake, mirin, vegetable oil, soy sauce, sirloin, white wine, shichimi togarashi, onion, sugar, salt

  Beef And Broccoli

30 mins (prep 15, cooking 15)
11 ingredients
water, cornstarch, steak, sesame oil, soy sauce, beef, white wine, broccoli, gingerroot, sugar, oil

  Beef Tomato

50 mins (prep 30, cooking 20)
14 ingredients
worcestershire sauce, steak, cornstarch, wine, peppers, catsup, green, tomatoes, oil, soy sauce, celery, green onion, onion, sugar