The Rico - Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

38 mins (prep 35, cooking 3)
20 ingredients
sweet onion, sour cream, onions, yogurt, buns, garlic cloves, chipotle, ground black pepper, bacon, jalapenos, limes, mayonnaise, olive oil, margarine, butter, bun, hot dog, juice, salt, sugar

  Pagach Quick And Easy

50 mins (prep 10, cooking 40)
10 ingredients
sour cream, pizza crust, onions, paprika, butter, potatoes, pepper, cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, salt

  Creamy Crabby Pitas

10 mins (prep 10)
10 ingredients
seasoning, cucumber, plain fat-free yogurt, pita bread, crabmeat, tarragon, spinach, carrots, tahini, salt

  Pesto Chicken Salad

20 mins (prep 10, cooking 10)
5 ingredients
spaghetti sauce, chicken breasts, pesto, red onion, mayonnaise

  Chicken Stuffed Poblano With Parmesan Breadcrumbs

90 mins (prep 30, cooking 60)
15 ingredients
saffron, rice, garlic, tomato, boneless skinless chicken breasts, cheddar cheese, breadcrumbs, olive oil, seasoning, monterey jack cheese, chiles, parmesan cheese, poblano, onion, salt

  Petits Farcis

70 mins (prep 10, cooking 60)
5 ingredients
water, red peppers, sausages, vegetable, tomatoes

  Methi Leaves Dhal

35 mins (prep 20, cooking 15)
13 ingredients
peppers, green, asafetida, dal, red onion, tomatoes, chili, cumin, vegetable oil, fenugreek seeds, coriander, turmeric, salt

  Greek Style Hot Dogs

25 mins (prep 15, cooking 10)
17 ingredients
buns, tomato, dill, romaine lettuce, red onion, mayonnaise, greek yogurt, lemon juice, cucumber, sausages, lemon zest, hot dog, meat, scallions, chives, salt, black pepper

  Lunch Pizza - Tortilla 6 Pts, Pita 7 Pts

9 mins (prep 5, cooking 4)
9 ingredients
olive oil, chicken, mushroom, pita bread, tomato sauce, fat, mozzarella, pepper, red onion


25 mins (prep 10, cooking 15)
6 ingredients
tomato, cheddar, cheese, turkey, mayonnaise, tortillas