Babe's Fresh Zucchini Salad

10 mins (prep 10)
7 ingredients
olive oil, seasoning, zucchini, kosher salt, celery, lime, black pepper

  Easter Peep Martini Cocktail

15 mins (prep 10, cooking 5)
9 ingredients
orange, cherry, coconut, green, half-and-half, liqueur, vodka, grenadine, simple syrup

  Cantaloupe Milkshakes

5 mins (prep 5)
5 ingredients
cantaloupe, ice, milk, cardamom, sugar

  Tomato Chickpea Salad

10 mins (prep 5, cooking 5)
12 ingredients
olive oil, basil leaves, garlic, vinegar, grape, apple cider, red wine vinegar, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, chickpeas, salt, honey

  Confit Tomatoes

270 mins (prep 30, cooking 240)
5 ingredients
olive oil, thyme, tomatoes, salt, plum

  Mina's Ham And Potato Chowder

45 mins (prep 15, cooking 30)
13 ingredients
garlic clove, ham, water, tabasco sauce, thyme, potatoes, tomatoes, bay leaf, butter, milk, celery, onion, salt

  Petits Farcis

70 mins (prep 10, cooking 60)
5 ingredients
water, red peppers, sausages, vegetable, tomatoes

  Sweet Hot Hearty Chili

210 mins (prep 30, cooking 180)
23 ingredients
water, wine, marsala, brown sugar, garlic, beef, baby bella, tomato paste, bell pepper, tomatoes, chili, barbecue sauce, olive oil, red bell pepper, white pearl onions, zucchini, giardiniera, chili powder, black beans, sea salt, beans, squash, mushrooms

  Flu Fighting Mustard Green And Sweet Potato Soup

185 mins (prep 5, cooking 180)
3 ingredients
water, mustard greens, sweet potato

  Cheery Chowder

30 mins (prep 10, cooking 20)
18 ingredients
worcestershire sauce, garlic cloves, cooked ham, cheddar cheese, pepper, chicken broth, corn, cream, oil, flour, half-and-half, broccoli, potato, carrots, russet, onion, salt, mushrooms